Do You Know Your Pet Lovebirds?

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1. What is a good diet for a Lovebird?

Seed and treats
Pellets and treats
Seed, pellets, veggies and treats
2. What is a good wing clip for a Lovebird?

Both wings, all feathers
One wing, 6-7 primary flight feathers
Both wings, 6-8 primary flight feathers

3. How often do Lovebirds molt?

Once a year
Twice a year
Every 3 months

4. Do Lovebirds need grit?

It helps digest their food
Yes, but only after meals
No, it can impact the crop, causing death

5. Which type of toy is safest for a Lovebird?

Rope toys
Long cardboard tubes

6. Which should you use to stop bleeding?

Kwik Stop
Corn starch or flour and pressure

7. How many hours of sleep does your Lovebird need?

4-5 hours
6-8 hours
10-12 hours

8. What should you do if think your Lovebird is sick?

Keep warm, call avian vet immediately
Call a friend to ask what might be wrong
Watch to see if it gets better

9. Which cage shape is best for Lovebirds?

Square and large
Rectangular tall

10. What other bird can be caged with a Lovebird?

Cockatiel, properly introduced
Lovebird, properly introduced
Parakeet, properly introduced

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